Why Markets Turn

The Rosetta Stone that unlocks the mystery of the stock and futures markets... answering...What every stock and futures trader ought to know about the markets -

How To Predict Every Market Reversal
With Pinpoint Accuracy

"Why Markets Turn Is The Secret That PREDICTS Every Reversal"

"The Code is Cracked...
The crystal ball ability to foresee every reversal with 100% accuracy
and completely reinvent your trading in 30 days!"

Dear Friend:

Have you ever wondered... why and when markets will turn?

Nobody has ever told you about this... because...

Nobody Else Knows About It!

Take just a brief look at this chart of the Standard and Poor 500 -

Trading System

There is one common denominator that forced the reversal on these dates.

How about the great crash of 1929 or the crash of October 1987 - seems nobody saw that coming either - until after it happened.

Did you pick the top of the S&P500 in 2000 or 2007?

Or how about even navigating through all the daily swings in the market today?

I think I've made my point which is...

If You Know The True Underlying Reason Why Markets Turn...
You Can Pick Tops and Bottoms of the Market Consistently...
And Profit Wildly

I know, a few critics are saying you can't pick the tops and bottoms of the market - or predict the future - I used to think the same too but now... I know better. And get this..

Predicting the Future Pivot Dates Is Easy!

I know its hard to believe - but please - listen for just a moment. This might be a little long but I assure you its worth reading, plus how else can I explain what nobody has been able achieve until now... "Crack the Code" of the stock and futures markets.

I've been trading the stock and futures markets for a long time now - read all the books on the markets I could get my hands on, bought all the latest technical analysis software, gone to the seminars, watched the news, subscribed to the financial papers, and I ended up... scratching my head and disappointed with the results even with "world famous" guru advice.

Now I know better - The Market Is Predictable

I met a gentleman Kaz who claimed to know why and when the markets will turn and then he gave me specific dates for the next month... I was very skeptical at first, but as I watched those dates come and go...

I was shocked and amazed!

Each and every date he has given me turned out to be... right on the money. Not even plus or minus 2, 3 or 4 days - this was on the nose. His pivot dates was...

100% Accurate!

I just had to know his secret.

As he walked me though the past 34 years and showed me what to look for at each pivot, I knew this really was The Rosetta Stone I was looking at - the one that unlocks the mystery of the markets I've been looking for - and now I too have a complete understanding of Why Markets Turn, why prices behave the way it does. All the crazy zigzags in the market makes perfect sense now.

That was a while ago, and now that I know his Why Markets Turn... I too can predict when it will turn in the future. If you're like me...

You will lay in bed thinking about
all the money you're going to make with this

Because now, you too have the chance to learn for yourself his secrets because Kaz has finally put it in an eBook "Why Markets Turn".

I was thrilled when he asked me to write an article about the book... because I am convinced he has found...

The Rosetta Stone -
And Given Me... The Keys To The Vault!

That's a bold statement - I know. So let me tell you why I believe its absolutely true!

But first, did you know that the Rosetta Stone was found in 1799 and had inscribed three different languages - hieroglyphics, demotic characters, and Greek. After 14 years of studying the Rosetta Stone, the hieroglyphs was finally deciphered by a scholar who understood the demotic characters and Greek languages and used the two languages to decipher the hieroglyphics. So, after 1500 years, ancient Egyptian writing could finally be read.

And in much the same way, that's what Kaz's Why Markets Turn™ does - it uses a second language to decipher the "hieroglyphic language" of the markets.

Do you want to know the true test of how golden Why Markets Turn really is... and why this really is the Rosetta Stone that unlocks the mystery behind all market turns? Kaz just came out with a one minute chart and... the reason unveiled in Why Markets Turn also applies to the one minute charts...

The Market Turns Precisely At The Exact Minute!

Think about what this really means...

He's proven the one-minute time frame reversals over a twenty-day period using the Standard & Poor 500 Index with an accuracy of plus or minus 1-minute!

You certainly won't find anyone else who can make such a claim, not even out of over 2 billion websites.

That's why I said he... CRACKED THE CODE!

And that my friend, is why I am so excited about Why Markets Turn™ and why I don't just believe this can put dollars in your pocket... I know it will... by perfectly timing every twist and turn of the markets... by buying and selling at just the right moment.

There's more...

  • It works for all markets - any futures contract, any index, any individual stock, even forex.
    • It works on any foreign market. So, it doesn't matter if you trade in New York, London, Germany, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Australia because these were verified to work too.
  • You'll have confidence over the markets -
    • Because once you know his secret and the deeper understanding of the market it brings, there will be an unusual calm and confidence that takes over when you place your trade order.
    • Peace of mind! You know in advance exactly when the next possible pivot date will be - and you will know if its safe to hold positions overnight.
  • Avoid LOSING - You won't make the critical mistake of entering the market on the wrong date and suffer losses.
  • Made as easy as possible to understand.
    • You don't need a genius I.Q. or have special skills or a college degree to make it work. All the hard work is done for you. It is made as easy as possible to understand. If you can look at a picture, have a calendar and a computer with a CD drive, you can do it - there's over 1400 examples to show you what to do.
    • It will however be like learning a second language. So you should expect to devote the next 30 days to learn the materials. Like learning a second language, don't expect to be fluent speaking on the first day. But like a game of hide and seek it's easy once you know where to look.
    • Once you've mastered it, it takes less than five minutes to know when the next reversal date will be.
  • It is not anything you know about...
    • not a lagging indicator and does not follow the market like MACD, stochastic, directional movement index, oscillators, algorithms and the bunch, not even any of the 101 lagging indicators listed on Stock and Commodities Magazine's website.
    • not Fibonacci numbers, not Gann fans, not Gann Squares, not Delta Phenomenon, not Elliot wave, not Dow theory, not fractals, not geometric lines, not swing trading, not support or resistance lines, although some are useful.
    • not financial astrology.
    • not anything you would find at any world famous guru's website.
    • not illegal. You don't have to worry about trading with insider information - or visiting Camp Cupcake.

That's just a few reasons why I think Kaz's Why Markets Turn™ is the greatest discovery to hit the markets -- ever. But don't just take my word for it. His book reveals the secret in full. Read it and decide for yourself whether its the worlds greatest or not.

This book was written before the mad cow disease scare hit the news, before the gold bottom. However this is timeless - it will work for you next year or the next decade.

Here's a brief glimpse of what more the new book reveals...

  • What is the underlying reason why the stock and futures markets turn?
  • Its proven to you with over 1400 pictures covering the Standard & Poor 500 Index over 34 years - cataloging and verifying every reversal. Not a single reversal is skipped over. He doesn't get selective and show just what he wants to but takes on every minor and major reversal from 1970 to 2005. Plus don't forget the evidence of the 1 minute charts over a 20 days.
  • Once you understand the why - all the crazy up and down market swings will actually make perfect sense! - You will never be confused or afraid again of market swings... plus it's a major key to maximum trading profits.
  • How you can use the secret to predict the market that you are trading - as far into the future as you care to go - because the reason why never changes
  • It's tradeable in real time, because it is a predictive system - you will know days, weeks and even months in advance when to place a trade.
  • Why the News Does Not Drive the Markets - You don't need to watch CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg - not even subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, IBD, The Financial Times or any magazines. (Although entertaining, with Kaz's book, none of that garbage will matter anymore.)
  • You don't need expensive software. Kaz has software included with the book. The software makes picking tops and bottoms child's play.
  • Why stocks in different industries will pivot on different dates - why one futures contract will pivot on different dates from other futures contracts. This confusion will finally make sense.
  • How to find what triggers each market you want to trade that is not covered in the book. (including foreign markets)
  • When the markets will get volatile?
  • When to anticipate major market reversals?
  • When big trends that last years begin and end. This is the one most traders only dream of catching at just the right moment..when you can use a pyramiding strategy and skyrocket your profits... turning thousands into hundred thousands and into millions.
  • Why most systems don't work?
  • Why financial astrology is utterly useless?
  • And much, much more!

Pretty amazing, don't you agree?

Here's why ordinary investors can't get enough of Why Markets Turn...


I completely know the "language" to Why Markets Turn as explained in your book.  You are 100% correct...Truly speaking, for that kind of knowledge, it is very cheap. In fact, I really can't put a price on it. I am very glad I made the purchase.  Again, thank you for making your research and observation available.

To be perfectly honest with you, I do NOT see the market the same anymore. When I look at a price chart, I see something completely different than what a "common" person sees. I just can't look at price action -on a chart- the way I once use to. I am glad I stayed with it....put out effort to understand it...not giving up! The timing of WMT is Too Perfect!!


I know everybody else say there is no such thing as a Holy Grail, but I'll bet they don't have your program. This is The Holy Grail. After spending three months learning and watching the market in real time, I'm in awe at the predictable timing accuracy. The monthly and daily chart is mind boggling but the one-minute chart accuracy just blows me away.
It's amazing how my trading has changed. I don't use any price indicators, I cancelled all my news and magazine subcriptions. My account has turned around 180 degrees. I used to get margin calls and kept sending wire transfers. My account is growing and I have no fear trading.
- D. Baba, USA


Today is the day, I finally understand. It gives an example in the book, but it confused me. I analyzed it over and I had the aha moment. Then I went back over the 2000 to 2003 years and it worked out perfectly. It is so simple, I wonder what took me so long to see it. I was able to repay the $5,000 course cost, which I borrowed,  through making  profitable trades. Thanks, your awesome! I appreciate your  time and knowledge for sharing this with me.
- M. Tomm, USA


"This is truly a Rosetta Stone but really tough to get across to an average Joe.  They would never believe.  You gotta be a genius. 4 grand for this is the deal of a lifetime. I have lost about quarter mil in the last 10 years trading + buying all kinds of junk stuff in the market.  I thought shoots... I should have come to U long time ago. This is truly geared to transform life."
- Sri K., USA

$137,500 PROFIT

"Well what a year its been! I just wanted to let you know that I closed out a currency trade on December 17, 2004 that started in September resulted in a gross profit of $137,500! This was just the last trade of the year, not the entire year."
- B. Mau Taiwan


"I work on intraday basis on FOREX, GBP/USD and normally make 1 trade a day. I was working on 5, 15 and 30 minutes but now with this unusual settings I have chirurgical entry and exit. I'm able to take from 30 to 50 pips daily that it's a very good amount of money with some contracts. Thank you very much because this simply changes my trading precision!"
Ryan Power - Italy


"Let me say once I first viewed the ebook, I thought I was ripped off... Well let me say I'm impressed. I looked over past charts with the dates given, and was surprised. Thanks."
- Doug S., USA

"40% IN ONE WEEK!"

"Let me say thank you and what a great method! In my first week I was able to increase my account by 40%. It is exciting for me and gives me more confidence that I can earn a living trading!"
- Danny P. Romania


"Thank you doesn't sound enough when you consider the great wad of money I put in my account by following your system.
- Cheryl Silva, USA


"Your book have generated tremendous profits for me. Thanks for making it possible to share your knowledge with the little guy."
- Tomoji A. - Japan


"I haven't used it for trading yet. I wanted to see it in action in real time. I'm in shock. Kaz is a genius to figure it out."
- Tony P. - England


"I've been hunting for this for over 10 years. I knew there just had to be an answer. I wouldn't have figured it out on my own in a million years. The timing is perfect. I quit using all the other systems and don't use any indictors anymore."
- Daniel P., Romania

"$21,000 PROFIT!"

"Your trading course has made a big difference for me, even though I’ve only just started to apply your timing system — it’s starting to pay off. For example, I recently sold my position at the very top of the market and made a $21,000 profit."
-Allison Wrigley, USA

"TESTED 1850"

"A better title for the book would be "The Holy Grail" I've tested your theories going back as far as 1850! I would have paid 10 times more for this.
- Dennis A., USA


"I have been a trader in both commodities and stocks for the last 13 years. Throughout my career, I have looked at perhaps hundreds of trading strategies and trading systems. They all make outlandish claims - get rich type claims but they never live up to. When I examine a system, I track it very methodically...and I am continually disappointed.

But recently, I have been using your Why Markets Turn with tremendous success and can say that this is the real deal. I've never had as much confidence placing a trade.

The system, somehow, works on all markets over many time frames. It works with stocks, forex and futures.

If you're not using the predictive capabilities of Why Markets Turn when you trade you are operating at a disadvantage in the markets."
Bruce B., USA


"I guess you were correct. It does take about 30 days for all that information to come together. Indeed, it is like learning a new language. I am DEEPLY excited about this!! At first, I thought you were just pulling my leg when you said that you stared at it for hours...then you saw it...it made sense. But to be perfectly honest with you, that is EXACTLY what I did. I literally stared at the chart & kept looking at the software... Then, out of nowhere, it just hit me. It all came together!"
A. Robinson, USA

I'm guessing that you might still be a little skeptical about the claim. Understandable, nobody has "cracked the code" until now, Kaz is not world famous or a guru and I was a bit skeptical too of his claim so he will do something rather unusual...

Guarantee The Future Results

The burden of proof is squarely on Kaz's shoulders. I've done what I can to give you an idea of what Kaz's Why Markets Turn™ is all about. But I know it may be hard to believe until you see it for yourself... that he did in fact Crack the Code. So, Kaz is offering you this truly risk-free invitation.


Try Why Markets Turnfor a full six months before making your final decision.

If you find any pivot, in the daily chart of the Standard & Poor 500 Index in the next six months which is not covered by the reason in Why Markets Turn - then return it for a full refund of every penny you paid.

Why would Kaz make such a guarantee?

Because it really works! He's not worried about refunds because he knows how powerful this has worked at each and every pivot for the past 34 years, and the one minute charts that there is no possibility it will change at anytime in the future. In fact, once you get your hands on this information and see it for yourself...

You'll be Dancing in the Streets!

You will know instantly how valuable this information is when you see over 1400 pages evidence... strong undeniable proof - you too will know this is the Rosetta Stone! because it finally answers that burning question every trader asks - why and when markets turn?

Its Easy To Get Your Copy

Why Markets Turn Trading System for Stock Forex and Futures TradersYou can get to the secrets and reap the rewards only when you click here to order online, by mail...

Its a must have to making unfair profits from the markets. There is nothing like it on the market or the internet - except for those who already bought Why Markets Turn - nobody else knows Why Markets Turn - you won't find it elsewhere - not even if you used the 100 plus different search engines.

You should understand a trading system this powerful, this exclusive -- and one that required so much time, resources, and research to discover -- does not come cheap, not by any means.

Its a one-time $1,995 covering all the most active futures markets. There are no ongoing fees or anything additional you will be asked to buy. That covers the ebook plus the software I talked about.

Now, if those numbers make you nervous, then there's a good chance this is not for you. And I apologize for taking up your time. But the fact is, this is not meant for everyone. We're not looking for a lot of people - just serious investors who understand the benefits of belonging to such an elite group.

If this program cost you 10 times more, it still wouldn't be too much. Remember just the deals I've mentioned could have paid for this course several times over. Plus you'd have the knowledge that will generate profits for many years to come.

But he settled on the price for two reasons. First, it's enough to discourage people who really shouldn't be in this group - those without the experience or the capital to benefit. Second, the markets needs losers! This can't get into every trader's hands or everybody would want to sell when we do. So he reserves the right to terminate this offer, or raise the price at any time without notice

This is for a small number of serious investors, not a large group of tire-kickers. This is probably not for you if you're coming in under a lot of stress and worries either.

Look, if you're like me, you'll spend $20,000 easy on books, tapes, the latest software, plus expenses to attend the many seminars and still end up scratching your head because you still can't find the information in Kaz's Why Markets Turn™ anywhere else... not even if you looked through all 2 billion or so websites. Nobody else can pass the 1-minute test... nobody else has "Cracked the Code".

You don't need a genius I.Q. and waste 15 years trying to figure it out on your own. The cost of Kaz's Why Markets Turn™ is just a one-time fee, which frankly is a drop in a bucket of the profits you can make on this.

That's it - I'm done spilling my guts - I've done my best to convince you that this really is the Rosetta Stone discovery of the markets that you're looking for. I'm going back to trading now and get me some new shoes. Get this!

PS. Still not convinced you need What Everybody Ought to Know... About The Stock and Futures Market - Why Markets Turn - Let me give you one more reason why it's ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for anyone serious about the stock and futures markets, and why it's such a dynamite program. If you're not using Why Markets Turn - you're losing money! You can lose to the markets without the book but you can't lose with this offer. The burden of proof is on Kaz's shoulders. If you find a pivot in the next six months that cannot be explained with the one reason Why Markets Turn uncovers, he will cheerfully refund your money!

PPS.  Guess what? This is tax deductible as a business expense because it is training material. Its your choice, or should I really be saying - you don't have a choice - Happy trading.

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